About Us

About Us- Why We Have Created This Site

This site has been created To Help our POWs behind the wire. For some time now many of us have gotten lost in the everyday shuffle of what has become the normal chaos of life. Well why that is happening our Noble POWs sit alone behind the wire some with out even receiving so much as a post card.

  That is soon to change because many of us have decided to do something about that. They should all at least be reminded they are not forgotten. This site will hopefully be able to easily generate enough support that a Holiday wont pass that they will each receive a card at least. Our Goal is to build a solid support foundation for both them and their families. This site will provide an interactive blog page where family members will have the ability to reach out.

    We all sometimes forget that it is not just the POW who is sacrificing there families at home have done just the same and they deserve the support as well. Here they will all have the ability to ask questions reach out for advice vent or just read what others have posted. We encourage the families of the POWs to reach out to one another and build a stable support system of others who know how they feel.

     We will hopefully once this site is completely up and running it is our intent to provide a page of listed POWs there contact info hopefully an image and a short bio about themselves. And our hopes is that some will take it upon themselves to sit down and take a minute to put a smile back in there day even if its only for a minute or two. Some of them mail is the only happiness that they have in a day. So whats five minutes an envelope and a stamp. I know the things you do through out the day may seem as if it is nothing but to hear it from a person who taken the time to tell them about it Is something we out on this side take for granted those little things we may not notice they ultimately long to have again.

   We will have a donations page where you can donate or you can see some of there art work and things and have an option to place a donation for an item. A record will be kept of any and all funds here on the website open for all to see along with what money may be used for. There will also be a section where if a POW is in need of something special we will have just for that where a direct donation will be available just for that

    We will also have a public update on any information concerning any POW or there family if something takes place. Every POW will be or has been vetted to make sure they are not some weirdo or child molester ect.. Everyone will be surprised at the number of actual POWs who will be on the site. We will also have a page dedicated to Gary Yarbrough and one for Matt Hale that will have any and all updates concerning their situations and ongoing struggles and battles.

   The time has come to step out of the chaos and place our attentions on what matters OUR POWS, OUR CHILDREN, AND THE FUTURE and we need to do it together regardless of religion, patch or banner. We are one folk and need to stand as such!! 

Welcome To Noble POW Behind The Wire

This Site is for our POWs Only Please do not post anything not related to that. Please keep it Clean and Respectful and stay within the lines of the Law. For everyone should keep in mind Some may be watching with the eyes hate looking for a reason to stop anything positive we try to bring to our folk. Please treat one another with respect if there is an issue please address it away from this site. There is no religion or patches or banners here just our folk helping folk. If you have a POW you would like added to our site please go to the contact section and send us a message and we will get back to you with in  hours. 

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