Jacob Goodwin/ This Page will be for all info and updates on Jacob during this horrible situation.

Jacob was convicted and will be sentenced in August We are asking anyone who is interested in helping Jacob to please help by writing letters to congress and the president of the united states

Jacob Still Needs Your Help

Today we spoke with Jacob’s Mom and Jacob Is still In need of our support and help. His legal defense is costing quit a bit of money in the thousands. You don’t have to donate much as every little bit helps and every kind word or letter to Jacob also help him. His wonderful Parents have dedicated every second to helping their son and doing what ever they can to help. But that kind of money for your working class is just not easy to come by. Along with his legal defense his parent have to travel from Arkansas to Virginia to attend all of Jacobs Coart dates and alot of the time they just cant afford to make that trip back and forth and are forced to sit at home waiting patiently for a call from Jacob or his attorney to fill them in on what possibly could lie ahead for their son. This most defiantly is not some thing any parent should have to go through and sure is not what a man who risked his own well being to protect others should have to go through. Jacob needs all our support both mentally and financially He is the type of person we want being an example to our youth. He is what we want representing our folk. He is not some one who deserves to sit in a prison wasting a way like so many of our brave heroes already have. We need to do everything we can in our ability to help Jacob and any other POW in need.

The Following is A Video of the incident by a non movement individual.

If you Can Help Please send Paypal Payments to: roper_billy@yahoo.com

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Also in an effort to help Jacob Stay Noble Wear Is Offering Support Shirts and Ribbons. Ribbons are a Donation of 25$ and Tshirt will be based upon size and amount if you are interested in a shirt or ribbon you can email staynoblewear@gmail.com


  Jacob Goodwin’s live telephoned speech addressing ShieldWall Network meeting!

In addition to their recording an interview update on their son’s condition for next week’s The Roper Report podcast, the Goodwins had a special treat in store for Jacob’s friends at last yesterday’s ShieldWall Network meeting. A chance to talk with the political prisoner, himself!

Scott and Tamera, Jacob Goodwin’s parents, gave an impassioned plea for support for their son, the political prisoner now incarcerated in a Charlottesville, Virginia jail awaiting trial. While the update on Jacob’s condition, treatment, and defense progress was encouraging, it was frustrating to hear their dismay at the fact that despite being asked to help, the multi-millionaire activist largely responsible for promoting the Unite The Right rally has not yet contributed financially or otherwise to help Jacob or ANY of the Charlottesville defendants. However, Jacob himself called in, and was able to speak to his fellow ShieldWall Network members on speakerphone. Despite being in jail 900 miles away, Jacob literally paid to be able to speak to the Phalanx and other Shieldwall affiliates who also attended. Especially in contrast to those affiliates who were much closer and more free and did not attend, that was particularly inspiring. His parents were given $700 raised in donations to help them with their travel expenses to go and visit Jacob for his next scheduled hearing on December 14th. Those who would like to continue to help support Jacob’s commissary fund and legal defense may do so here. Always gracious, Jacob gave an inspiring talk himself to all of us assembled over the phone, and thanked the ShieldWall Network especially for their continued support. He has received the first two books which were ordered for and sent to him in jail, and was able to personally thank the people responsible for sending those, too.

The Goodwins also very generously presented selected friends with custom-made Weisse Wolf SS caps designed by Jacob for those who escorted and protected his parents at Shelbyville, as well as some delicious home-baked bread and venison sausage, homemade chocolate fudge, and homemade chicken salad sandwiches for the potluck. Copies of the governor’s letter, Jacob’s warrant letter, a letter of support from a retired U.S. Navy Commander, and other legal clippings and news reports were shared with all present, too.

Most important of all Jacob’s message, echoed by his parents, was one of gratitude and courage. As he told us yesterday, “If this is the worst that the Commies can do, then we’ve got them beat!”

Arkansas Media Breaks Silence on Jacob Goodwin Extradition Fight!

by Tracy Whitaker, Searcy Daily Citizen

A 22-year-old man arrested two months after reportedly being identified as an aggressor in a fight at a Charlottesville, Va., demonstration talked to The Daily Citizen at a White County Courthouse rally a week after the Virginia protest, describing fights that were, according to him, acts of self defense.
Jacob Scott Goodwin of Ward is currently being held in the Lonoke County Detention Center awaiting extradition to Charlottesville, Va., to face charges relating to the incident in which a black man was shown on video being beaten by a group of several men, some of which had pipes and shields.
The gathering surrounding the White County monument was fairly peaceful, with only a few strong words strewn as groups argued over history and different reasons, mostly, to preserve the Confederate soldier monument that hovers over the courthouse lawn.
An online hacker group, Anonymous, had threatened the statue in a press release but did not appear at the event; although others gathered in anticipation of the possibility the group would show up to destroy the statue as promised in the release.
On the local courthouse lawn on August 18 Goodwin described his experience in Charlottesville.
“So we came out of the marketplace garage and went onto the street…we had shields and batons for protection,” Goodwin said, because the group had to fight to hold their “front,” which is where their permit to demonstrate allowed them to occupy.
“People who showed up without eye protection were kinda dumb,” Goodwin said. “We didn’t get killed. That was their plan. The cops were on one side not breaking anything up.”
Goodwin said the police had instructed them to retreat, but when they tried, they were attacked.
“I was busy fighting — I was fighting the whole time,” Goodwin said. “[We had] shields over our heads [as we got] pegged with bottles of concrete. I’m glad we did, we probably would have been obliterated.
“They were fighting for their ideology. We were fighting for our lives and we won,” Goodwin said. “The girl who died…the blood is on the police’s hands, because they didn’t do what they should have.
“It was a trap,” Goodwin said.
Goodwin was reportedly identified from social media as being one of the men involved. Goodwin was the third man arrested in connection with the scuffle in which a video showed 20-year-old DeAndre Harris being beaten by several — at least five — men. Two others have already been extradited to Virginia to face charges.
Harris was also charged for alleged assault in the incident. He was released on bond; whereas the three arrested for allegedly beating Harris are being held without bond after being sought by the U.S. Marshal’s Office.
Goodwin is fighting extradition, saying that it will be impossible to get a fair trial in Charlottesville. A petition is circulating the internet pleading with the governor to either deny extradition or allow it only if it is agreed the venue be changed once Goodwin faces his charge of felony malicious wounding.
Since Goodwin was arrested, he has further described the incident:
“At the Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, on August 12th, I and many others were protesting against the threatened removal of a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee there,” he stated. “Although the demonstration joined had a legal permit, after it was attacked by leftists, a state of emergency was declared and the rally [was] ordered to disperse. 
“While, [we], the statue defenders were leaving, we were continually threatened, stalked, and attacked by violent Antifa, Black Lives Matter and Communist counter-protesters.”
“As I and some other people walked past a parking garage on their way out Corey Long, an African-American felon who used a homemade flamethrower to threaten unarmed protesters during that day, assaulted an elderly veteran and attempted to steal his Confederate flag,” Goodwin said.
“As the two men wrestled over the flag, DeAndre Harris, another black criminal, struck the elderly gentleman forcefully in the head with a large, 8 D cell steel flashlight, causing severe injury. It was at that point that a scuffle broke out between the two groups, and DeAndre Harris found himself on the losing end.”
Goodwin’s spokesperson, leader of the Shield Wall Network out of Stone County, Billy Roper, said, “The fact that both DeAndre Harris and Corey Long were arrested and charged, but then immediately released on bond, while Jacob Goodwin’s co-defendants, one of whom is Hispanic, have been denied bond, is more evidence that the local city of Charlottesville is biased. Jacob Goodwin will not be able to receive a fair trial there. That is why his family, friends, and supporters have asked Governor Asa Hutchinson to either deny Virginia’s extradition request, or stipulate that Jacob must receive a change of venue away from Charlottesville for his trial, before he will sign the extradition.”
In an email from the Lonoke County Jail on Wednesday, Goodwin said, “I live the existence of a criminal. I’ve never been in trouble with the law. 
“I’m a political prisoner in every sense of the word.” 

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Each reminder ribbon proudly bears the ShieldWall Network symbol. Make your support for this hero of Charlottesville, and free speech, publicly known by sending cash, check or money order made out to “Goodwin”, today!

November 6,2017

Jacob Goodwin to be extradited

We just received the word that despite all of our best efforts, Jacob is going to be extradited to Virginia in a few days. Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson, a RINO cuck, has received the paperwork and signed it, and in a week or so they will transport him. Jacob, unlike Gov. Hutchinson’s son, has never been arrested for drug charges, or even for his first, second, or third DWI. If you have not yet, PLEASE e-mail or write Jacob NOW so he will receive some encouragement and uplifting support from his ShieldWall Network friends before he is sent there. We will let everyone know his new address as soon as he has one there in Virginia.

You can write to Jacob Goodwin via postal mail through:

Jacob Goodwin, c/o Lonoke County Jail, 440 Dee Dee Ln, Lonoke, AR 72086

Or through e-mail by registering at smartjailmail.com.

There will be a bombshell announcement supported by video evidence made in Jacob Goodwin’s case in the next few weeks which will dramatically effect the outcome of his case, AND lead to other arrests from the other side. Watch for it!

Jacob Goodwin’s statement to the patriots in Tennessee


On the eve of a brave ‘White Lives Matter’ stand by League of the South, Traditionalist Worker Party, National Socialist Movement, and ShieldWall Network patriots in Shelbyville and Murfreesboro, Tennessee, political prisoner Jacob Goodwin, a hero of Charlottesville, offers these words of encouragement:

Dearest Comrades,

I write these words to you from the darkness of my cell. It seems foreign to me. Not long ago, I was free amongst friends. Now, I spend 23 hours a day in my cell. My crime is being unapologetically White and standing tall in the face of cowards. Now they aim to break our family’s beliefs and our spirit, but to no avail. It was an honor to serve my people in Charlottesville. If I could change one thing, I surely would not. These people brand us criminals because we do not agree with their sick and twisted cultural norm. Truly they are void of sanity and light. I know in our hearts lies a timeless, sacred flame. Even now I feel the defiance of our ancestors beating in my chest. Our enemies know that together each flame makes a mighty torch that expels the darkness. Each generation has a duty to carry this torch forward, even if it is just one inch.

Thank you to all the comrades for the love and support for my family and me. I hope to get back to the fight soon. Until then, go forth and carry the torch!

October 25th, 2017

Jacob Goodwin, political prisoner

Supporters may contribute to Jacob Goodwin’s legal defense fund HERE.


Jacob Goodwin Update

Jacob Goodwin is in excellent health and spirits, as this new jail visit photograph shows. He has finally been issued soap and shampoo and a comb, and begun receiving letters, e-mail, and post cards from his many supporters.

You can add your name to the petition asking Arkansas governor Asa Hutchinson not to extradite him to a kangaroo court in Virginia, and help out with his legal defense fund here.

Jacob wishes to say “Hail Victory!” to everyone standing beside him in the fight.


How to write to Jacob Goodwin

You can write to Jacob Goodwin via postal mail through:

Jacob Goodwin, c/o Lonoke County Jail, 440 Dee Dee Ln, Lonoke, AR 72086

Or through e-mail by registering at smartjailmail.com.

Remember that all mail is read, and keep your letters or e-mails upbeat, positive, and encouraging. Thanks for letting him know he has not been forgotten!


Update on Jacob

The Roper Report: Rally for Jacob Goodwin

The first half of the The Roper Report this week was recorded live at the ShieldWall Network OktoberFest Social on October 14th in central Arkansas and contains not only an introduction to Jacob Goodwin’s legal case, but interviews with his friends and fellow ShieldWall Network members Steven and Jonathon, as well as both of Jacob’s parents, who describe the hellish legalistic ordeal they face and make a plea for assistance with the funding for Jacob’s legal defense. Also featured is an interview with Owenson, the leader of the Arkansas Goys Club.

Listeners are told how they can get involved and help petition the governor of Arkansas, Asa Hutchinson, to deny or delay signing the papers of extradition that will send Jacob to Virginia, through e-mail and telephone. The four methods of helping financially with Jacob’s legal defense are also included.

In the second half of the program, Billy includes points, six, seven, eight, and nine of his ten point nuts and bolts speech on in-real-life activism given at the 2017 StormFront Conference in Crossville, TN. The following are the notes from that speech, outlining those closing points:

6. Large scale agitation propaganda: Billboards, as in Harrison. Little Rock Nine statue modifications. GLR’s man in gorilla suit.

7. Indirect Action: to soften an area or a topic up, like indirect artillery fire prior to an engagement: precede activism with coordinated calls to local talk radio stations, letters to the editor of local papers online, comments on local news stories, and through word of mouth, face to face, on a community grassroots level as The ShieldWall Network uses networking to become persons of influence in our communities. This means getting active in local government and even, when possible, running for local public office in order to secure those associations, networks, and access to resources and assets to secure those local areas when the federal government abdicates or evaporates into a power vacuum. The first step is infiltrating conservative, Republican, Tea Party, pro-gun, and veteran organizations, as well as civic groups and volunteer or charity organizations locally. This is winning hearts and minds to radicalize and cherry pick potential supporters and affiliates from their ranks. Simultaneously, we form local and state WN prepper networks through the SWN.

8. Cohesion of message: the theme should always be tied to the oncoming chaos of dissolution, anarchy, racial tension, polarization, division, and balkanization. People respond emotionally to the triggering of their fears and anxieties, much more than to rational facts or reason. Scare them into choosing a side, before one is chosen for them. Show them how it affects them. Make it personal and inescapable, and impossible to ignore. America is dividing, the establishment cannot hold things together, and the balkanization will affect them, whether they want to try to avoid it or not.

9. Optics: The discipline of control over sign verbage and imagery, what flags are flown, how people dress, who talks to the media, and what degree of angle participants’ right arms may be raised to must be weighed against the radical flank effect. As seen in a recent poll showing that many more Americans identify with the platform planks of White Nationalism than are yet willing to embrace the nomenclature, the radical flank effect makes a position only slightly to the left, but further right than previously held, seem more palatable to normies by comparison to the extremist position taken by the radical who is pushing the Overton Window of accepted political discourse, and therefore the midpoint of the Hegelian dialectic, to the right by the very act and example of their extremism. Extremism on the right creates more elbow room just to the left of the extremist for normies to comfortably occupy. Our goal is not to seem mainstream, nor to make our views mainstream, but to push forward and lead the way so that mainstream people may follow us to the right. Optics control may also create division and lower attendance and participation; so while discipline, uniformity, and control are desirable, the long term end result of the optics should always be the deciding factor, not merely pro forma discipline for the sake of its momentary appearance. Ex: Brown vs. Topeka rally: NSM and sign.

10. Taking the fight to the enemy. For far too long, we have been on the defensive. We need to be proactive, not reactionary. The time has come to go to pro-immigration marches, pro gay pride marches (as we did in Harrison), BLM marches, and to political rallies by left wing politicians, including treasonous cucked Republicans, and shout them down with amplified chants (megaphones) to disrupt their events. Instead of competing with our enemies for victimhood status, we need to remind them, and ourselves, that we are Aryans, we are conquerors, and we will win.

Presented by Billy Roper



Jacob Goodwin says “Thank you!”

Meeting with his Arkansas defense attorney, Jason Robb, today, Jacob Goodwin was in good spirits and very upbeat. He wants to thank all of his supporters who stand with him and his family during this time.



  The Roper’s have asked me to help in spreading this Story of Jacob Goodwin he is going to need every inch of our support through out this entire ordeal. I will Be posting Fundraising Item That 100% of the profit will go to Jacob and his Family soon. As Billy Has stated Jacob was there to stand for us we need to be there for him!



Please help this Hero of Charlottesville.

by Billy Roper

This afternoon, Tuesday, October 10th, 2017, a personal friend of mine and fellow ShieldWall Network affiliate named Jacob Goodwin was swept up by a unit of seven heavily armed U.S. Marshals. This young man, who has never had so much as a parking ticket, was arrested on a warrant out of Charlottesville, Virginia. He is now being held awaiting extradition.

Recently, the white NAACP activist named Shaun King, who pretends to be black, had been accusing Jacob of having been present when the black thug DeAndre Harris assaulted White first amendment exercisers during a legally permitted expression of freedom of speech there. Harris has now been formally charged with assault in the encounter.

Jacob will be legally represented both in Arkansas in fighting against extradition, as well as in Virginia, if extradition occurs. However, The ShieldWall Network will be fundraising from now until the situation is resolved in order to help his family with the legal defense fees.

Jacob is a young man who has bravely served in defense of his people and our movement over and over again. He is a man of honor, principle, and integrity. I know that those whom he stood in defense of will not let him down, now.

We will be procuring a Hatreon account as soon as possible, but if you are able to help out at all with Jacob’s legal defense fees, please send any donations and make checks payable to:


Billy Roper P.O. Box 1937 Mountain View, AR 72560

Every little bit you can give, no matter how small, will add up and make a difference in Jacob’s future, and in ours. Every cent we receive will go directly to his parents, to be used for his lawyers.

He was there for us. Let’s all be there for him. Help Jacob’s Fund.

There is a support shirt Being Offered all funds go to Jacob you can order the shirt as staynoblewear.net . Or send money donation to the above source.