POW List

James Kirk


970 Pickett St. N.

Bay Port, MN. 55003

Marvin Gustafsson #704848  
Coyote Ridge Corrections Center 
PO Box 769
1301 N Euhrata Ave 
Connell WA 99326 

“When ever you know of harm, regard that harm as your own; and give your foes no peace" — Odin, Havamal 127

David Williams

My name is David they call me Casper. Just a tattooed Aryan gangster trying to make it and pass my time

David Williams

02139647 A7-20

Lychner Unit

2350 Atascocita Rd.

Humble, Tx. 77396

Warren Robbins



P.O. Box 860

Oakwood, VA. 24631

D. Kuykendall


P.O. Box 120

Lebanon, OH. 45036

Greg Bailey #1433783


P.O. Box 860

Oakwood, VA. 24631

Justin Tucker #714-703

Man. C.I.

P.O. Box 788

Mansfield, OH. 44901

William Cramer #JD7940


10745 Route 18

Albion, PA. 16475-0002

Zachary Barfield #A607-507


P.O. Box 45699

Lucasville, OH. 45699

Chris Vochatzer

I am 41 doing a 28 year term out in California. I would love some outside correspondence to help pass the time from my folk.

Chris Vochatzer

#F24738 / D8-210

P.O.Box 1050

Soledad, Ca. 93960

Floyd Hall

I am a noble male: roots traced back to Derbyshire and Wales. 1669 era. Im 42 years of age brown eyes brown hair, 5’9" 200 lbs. 25 yr. sentence for murder, 22 completed, never wed and no children and single. I enjoy hot-rodding racing distressing journeys through the wilderness

Just a country boy forced into a concrete jungle, I would love more like minded folk to relate with in order to continue to maintain my mental stability in a mad world.

Floyd W. Hall

TDCJ 763209

Ramsey Unit

1100 F.M. 655

Rosharon, Texas 77583

Chad R. Studebaker Sr.


Kern Valley State Prison

Facility:ASU Bldg:2 Cell 138


Delano, California 93216

James Cale


2605 State Street

Salem, Oregon 97310

James Fischer

  I am a 40 year old 5'5" 210 pounds. I am In federal prison for the next 6 years for pos. of a gun. I do not do drugs In or when I am out. I am very Loyal, Very Respectful,I love the out doors. I live the white life I stay with my own and will remain that way. I love white Aryan woman . I am looking for a friend to talk and pass my time with. I also would love to hear from other like minded folk.

James Fisher


Federal Correctional Inst. Berlin

P.O.Box 9000

Berlin, New Hampshier 03570

Lee Yates



1100 FM 655

Rosharon, TX. 77583

Timothy Meskimen #248536

KSP 5-3a-5

266 Water Street

Eddyville, KY. 42038

John C. Horner C07188

Liberty C.I.

11064 N.W. Dempsey Barron Road

Bristol, FL. 32321

We are in the process of contacting each Pow to have them all write a small bio about themselves and maybe if they are able to provide a picture as well. These POWs deserve our support and a little bit of our time what feels like nothing minutes to us means the world to them

 We will also be setting up a donations program to help supply those who are in need of witting supplies or artist materials or what ever their needs may be. We will keep a com pleat detailed log open to the public view of where and when funds are used and the balance.